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Family , Music , and Love are inspirations for Elliott Hubbard's art creations. " The most enjoyable part of being an artist is taking something with virtually no substance and composing a creation that stimulates emotions as well as conversation. Art is not only powerful, it also allows us all to look beyond barriers and bring about new ideas."

Elliott, a self taught artist growing up in a small rural southern community, helped instill strong family values. He is the youngest of twelve adventurous and talented siblings. His father was a carpenter and his mother a homemaker who enjoys painting during her spare time. "My mother inspired me tremendously, but it wasn't until high school that I realized the impact of her exposing me to art at an early age." Painting since the age of 8 years old, Elliott received his first art award in the 6th grade, winning a summer scholarship to a Fine Art Gallery in Albany , Georgia. There Elliott had the opportunity to work with clay the entire summer. After that Elliott ventured into many other mediums including watercolors , pencil , pastels , acrylic paints as well as oil painting. "Looking back it's ironic that I would return to one of my first mediums, I guess that is why it feels so natural to work with clay." Elliott now resides in his home and studio in Fairburn , Georgia. He spends many hours hand building and creating original clay sculpture. All original creations. "I love art because it gives me the opportunity to share , to enlighten and enrich others. Sharing joy and happiness is the most precious gift we can give. I hope that my artwork lifts your spirit and bring about additional smiles."

Collections :

Polk Museum of Art Permanent Collection 2000 
Mayfaire by-the-Lake Purchase Award through the General Acquisition Fund 
King & Spalding Law Firm (Atlanta, Ga.) 2002 Permanent Art Collection 
Albany Court House - Albany, Ga.- Judges Chambers - 1992 permanent exhibit. 
Albany Art Museum - 1990 - exhibition 
Governor's Mansion - Birmingham, AL.

2015 - Best of Show - Southport Art Show - Chicago, IL

2015 - Best of Show - Gold Coast Art Show - Chicago, IL
2015- Best of Show- Millenium Art Festival - Chicago , IL
2014 - !st Place- Chastain Art Fest - Altanta, GA.
2012 - First Place - Chastian Art Festival- Atlanta, GA.
2010 - Merit award & Purchase Award- Mainsail Art Festival- St. Petersburg, FL.
​​2008 - Featured Artist - Boardwalk Art Festival , Virginia Beach, VA.
2007 - Collector's Purchase Award - Buffalo Grove Art Festival - Chicago, IL.
2005 - Best In Show Award - African American Fine Arts Society, International Art expo.
2005 - Award of Merit - Sunfest Art Festival , West Palm Beach , FL.
2005 - First Place - Decatur Art Festival , Atlanta , GA.
2004 - Merit Award - Fountain Square Art Festival , Evanston, IL.
2004 - First Place - Roswell Art Festival - Roswell, GA. ( Atlanta ) 
2004 - Best of Show - Sunfest Art Festival , West Palm Beach , FL.
​2003 - First Place in Sculpture - Roswell Art Festival - Roswell, GA.
​2002 - Merit Award - Virginia-Highland's Summerfest Art Festival, Atlanta , GA. 
2002 - Best of Show - Roswell Art Festival - Roswell, GA.( Atlanta ) 
2001 - Collector's Award - Magic City Art Connection , Birmingham, AL.
​2000 - Purchase Award - Polk Museum of Art , Lakeland, FL.
2000 - T-Shirt Artist Award - Mayfaire-by-the-Lake Art Show, Lakeland, FL.
2000 - Merit Award - Festival In The Park, Charlotte NC.
2000 - Collector's Purchase Award - Kentuck Art Festival , Tuscaloosa, AL.
2000 - Collector's Award - Magic City Art Connection , Birmingham, AL.
1999 - Award of Merit - Ybor Square Art Festival, Tampa , FL.
1999 - Originality Award - Prince Anne art Festival ,Virginia Beach VA.
1999 - Merit Award - Festival In The Park, Charlotte NC.
1999 - Best Of Show - InmanPark Art Festival , Atlanta, GA.

​Solo Exhibition and Appearances:

1991 - Albany Art Museum - Albany ,GA. 
1991 - WALB-TV 10 - Town & Country - Albany, GA. 
1992 - FOX 31- Midday Talk Show - Albany, Ga. 
1992 - WALB -TV 10 - Featured on Evening News .Albany GA. 
2007 - Radio Sandy Springs - Artist Interview - Atlanta, GA. 
2005 - Good Morning - Featured Artwork - Atlanta, GA. 

Group Exhibitions:

New Orleans Jazz Festival - New Orleans, LA.
Atlanta Dogwood Festival - Atlanta, GA.
Port Clinton Art Festival - Highland Park, IL.
Cottonwood Art Festival - Dallas , TX.
Gasparilla Art Festival - Tampa, FL.
Penrod Art Festival - Indianapolis, IN.
Fountain Square Art Festival - Evanston , IL.
Dogwood Art Festival - Atlanta, GA.
October Gallery - Temple University - Philadelphia, PA.
Alexandria Art Festival - Alexandria, VA.
Shadyside Art Festival - Pittsburg, PA.
Bluff Park Art Festival - Hoover , AL.
Magic City Art Festival - Birmingham, AL.
Mainsail Art Festival - St. Petersburg , FL.
Roswell Art Festival - Atlanta, GA.
Virginia-Highlands - Atlanta, GA.
Sunfest Art & Music Festival - West Palm Beach, FL.
Marietta Art In The Park - Marietta, GA.
Decatur Art Festival - Atlanta, GA.
Magnificent Mile Art Festival - Chicago, IL.
Artscape Art Festival - Baltimore, MD.
Virginia-Highland - Atlanta, GA.
Artsplosure Art Festival - Raleigh, NC.
One-Of-A-Kind Art Show- Merchandise Mart - Chicago, IL.
St. Armands Art Festival - Sarasota, FL.
Los Olas Art Festival - Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Boca Art Festival - Boca Raton, FL.
Mayfaire-by-the-Lake - Lakeland , FL.
Festival in the Park - Charlotte, SC.
Artfest Fort Myers - Fort Myers, FL.
Old Hyde Park Art Festival - Tampa, FL.
Ybor Square Art Festival - Tampa, FL.
African Art Festival - Chicago, IL (WashingtonPark)
Gold Coast Art Festival - Chicago, IL.
Columbus Art Festival - Columbus, OH.
Art Bethel Art Show - St. Petersburg, FL.
New Orleans Jazz Festival- New Orleans

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